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During Covid 19 restriction our face-to-face meetings were unable to take place.

We kept in touch with members through our newsletter (see sign-up form below) and signposted to other zoom webinars including those that other Local Support Groups are arranging that members may be interested in joining.

We had a couple of meetings on Zoom but as from 28th September we were delighted to start to meet face-to-face again in Arnold Library meeting room. Some speakers may deliver their talk via an online platform if they practice a long way away, but as before the pandemic, we will be screening those talks from Arnold Library.

Our group in Arnold, near Nottingham is a valuable hub for all those with a passion for therapies.

Come along to hear from speakers on various topics within the fields of complementary, beauty and sports therapy.

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Visit www.fht.org.uk/lsgs for meetings of other Local Support Groups

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