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Date: Monday 12th September

Venue: Somercotes Village Hall, Nottingham Road, Somercotes, DE55 4LY

Topic: Japanese Tsuboki Massage

Due to popular demand, Tina Hensey will be bringing Tsuboki (part two)

Tina is qualified in Sports Massage, Health & Fitness, Hot Stones, Foot Massage, Metamorphic Technique & Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage. Tina will give an introduction & demonstrate the relaxing yet energising treatment which combines massage & acupressure principles. The Japanese recognise life energy “KI” as the main force behind human existence. ‘Ki’ flows through the body via meridians, which are connected to specific organs & is responsible for many functions in the physical, emotional & spiritual body. The balance of such promotes harmony within us, maintained when ‘Ki’ flows freely throughout the body

(2 CPPD points will be awarded for this talk)

Date: Monday 5th December

Venue: Somercotes Village Hall, Nottingham Road, Somercotes, DE55 4LY

Topic: Infant and Baby Massage

Louise Summerscales is qualified in Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage,& is an instructor for “Baby & Infant Massage”. Louise will share a brief introduction & overview before giving a demonstration. Did you now that massaged babies develop more quickly physically & mentally; ie develop speech & social skills earlier, also more spatial awareness? Emotionally it’s incredibly therapeutic for both masseur & baby, it helps with such a variety of conditions with many benefits… short & longterm. There is a lot of scientific research & literary studies which highly praise this therapy. Infant massage is taught to parents. Throughout history, massage has been used by parents to soothe babies throughout all parts of the world.

This talk & demo is open to everyone…come along to find out more.

(2 CPPD points will be awarded for this talk.)

Should you have friends who might be interested please bring them along. For more information please contact

– Harley Jackson on 07583 185332 or email harley@harlisticmist.co.uk

Louise Summerscales on 07882 777587 or email lcsummerscales@gmail.com

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I am the Co-ordinator for the FHT Nottingham Local Support Group

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