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Emergency First Aid at Work courses – January 25th or February 19th

if you work alone​ perhaps ​as a therapist or facilitator or trainer it’s advisable to have a F​irst Aid qualification.  The qualification runs out after 3 years as the advice changes frequently​ and because we forget these skills when we don’t use them often!

I am hosting 2 one day courses which will give you everything you need to give that emergency treatment which can prevent further injury or even save a life or simply make someone much more comfortable.

This is for anyone who has taken a first Aid course before or not.

If you know anyone else who would be interested please pass this email on to them.

Here are all the details.  


You can choose a course on either

January 25th 

OR February 19th​.

Each course will run 

from 9.30am to  to 5.30pm

Fee – £70 (which is about half the usual price) and includes a First Aid book and kit for the car.


This is a standard one day First Aid Course suitable for anyone who wants to feel confident to help people with minor injuries or even to save a life in an emergency.

The trainer is the wonderfully enthusiastic Aimee Chatfield who will cover everything you need in one day.

Emergency First Aid at Work Syllabus

The training includes:

§ Responsibilities of the First Aider

§ Legalities and reporting incidents

§ Assessment of the situation and action in an emergency

§ Resuscitation

§ Choking

§ Wounds and bleeding

§ Shock

§ Seizures


Extra topics that can be included:

§ Heart conditions

§ Disorders of respiration

§ Anaphylaxis and Anaphylactic Shock

§ Foreign objects

§ Minor burns and scalds

§ Stroke

§ Bones, Joints and Muscles injuries



Assessment is on-going by the instructor and a three-year qualification will be issued to those who meet the criteria. 


A minimum of six teaching hours consisting of both ​theoretical and practical activities.

Number of students

A maximum of 8 students can be accommodated on each course. 

Age limit

Students must be at least 14 years of age and a full HSE-approved qualification can be offered to all, subject to assessment.  

I’ve attached a booking form for you to return with a cheque for the full amount of £70 or your deposit of £25 (which is non-returnable)  plus a £45 cheque post dated to the day of your course.​

You can also pay by bank transfer – details are on the booking form.

This will secure your place and it’s best to book as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

If you have any questions please just email or call me.


love and light



Ruth Chambers

07789 020 668

Wedding and Funeral Celebrant


Life Coach
Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Teacher

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Ruth Chambers’ course on Meditation starts 21st January 2016

Hi Everyone,

After that busy period of preparing for C​hristmas and then enjoying the festivities we come to this quiet part of the year – a time for relaxing and making plans for later in the year.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety or depression or insomnia you may find that meditation is a good way to keep their mind clear and to de-stress

Relaxing into meditation allows you to be in touch with your inner self.

I’m running the ​very popular Meditation Made Simple Course starting on Tuesday January 26th from 2 to 4pm

Here are some testimonials from two students after their first session.

“I felt so welcome at the group and thoroughly enjoyed the gentle introduction to Meditation” Kathy

“Since I’ve been back home the meditation has been a wonderful way of relaxing and I am really enjoying it. If this is how it feels after only 4 days I am really looking forward to developing it further.” Karen

And from some earlier students:

Meditation has brought a warm calmness into my life. It enables me to switch off the past and even the future and understand the real meaning and enjoyment of the word ‘now.’ Sue Culling

“Meditation makes me feel calmer and more organised because I can focus better on what I am doing. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people. I’m surprised how much I have enjoyed chanting in the group and on my own.Helen Taylor

“Meditation took me to a place which enabled me to release negativity, insecurity and anxiety. It was a breakthrough giving me the way forward to relinquish deep seated emotional patterns which have held me back from realising my true potential. I’m now moving towards being comfortable with my true self at last.  Anon

Meditation is a delightfully simple practice, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – that’s why I run this course. My aim is to introduce you to different techniques and methods of meditation so that you can find a way that works for you. All have the same goal – to quieten the busy thinking mind and allow the wisdom of the higher self to speak. this course will give you everything you need to set up your own meditation practice .

What can meditation do for you? It can;

Give you a quiet space in your busy life

Allow time to relax completely and experience stillness

Give you a quiet space in your busy life

Allow time to relax completely and experience stillness

Reduce negative thinking

Put you more in touch with yourself

Improve mental health

Build self-confidence

Lower your blood pressure

Enhance your immune system

We’ll do 2 or 3 meditations each session and you’ll have plenty of time to share experiences, discuss any doubts about meditation and get all your questions answered.

You’ll try out  various meditation techniques including;

Following the breath

Guided visualisation

Mantra or chanting

Walking meditation

Just sitting

Loving kindness


I have been leading meditation regularly in Yoga classes for 15 years so all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax and follow my voice. You’ll find that  meditating in a group is much easier than on your own as the group builds a feeling of relaxation that takes everyone deeper. Then you build the habit over 9 weeks so that it gets easier to meditate on your own.

Finally, meditation is not attached to any religion – it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are or if you have any – you can benefit from being more in touch with your inner self.

If you would like to join this group please let me know as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

The course runs for 9 weeks and the cost of £99 includes all tuition and weekly handouts which build to make a folder for you to keep and refer to later. Payable in 3 instalments if that makes it easier – £33 and 2 post dated cheques of £33 each or by bank transfer if you prefer. Contact me for a booking form for you to return with your deposit which will secure your place.

love and light

Ruth Chambers

07789 020 668

Wedding and Funeral Celebrant


Life Coach
Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Teacher

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Ruth Chambers’ Reiki Course – starts January 17th

Hi there and Happy New Year,

I believe that everyone has​ the ability to ​ heal in their hands and most people just need some training to be able to use it. 

The first level of Reiki training is your chance to learn a simple way to look after yourself and to help your family and friends. Just imagine being able to soothe a fractious child, help your arthritic dog, or help an asthmatic friend to breathe more easily or take away the pain of a headache in a few minutes.

The first benefit most people feel is a sense of relaxation and peace and that’s when they are giving the Reiki as well when they are receiving it.

I’m running a 3 day Reiki Level 1 course on Sundays January 17th, 24th and February 7th in Castle Donington​

Reiki healing is easy to learn and practice. Here’s more about the course content and what you could gain from attending.


Over the first 2 days you will

  • earn the history of this ancient healing system
  • receive a powerful Reiki Attunement
  • feel the energy in your own hands
  • do your first Self Healing
  • be energised by Hatsu Rei Ho
  • give and receive a full Reiki treatment
  • enjoy guided visualisations.

You can relax and enjoy 2 days experiencing and using Reiki energy for yourself and for other people and animal​s.

There are limited places on the course so there’s plenty of time for questions and individual attention.


You’ll have 3 weeks to practice self healing using the CD included in the course package provided, read the manual and channel healing for family and friends.

On the third day there is plenty of time for sharing and questions. You’ll give and receive a full healing treatment, experience group healing and meditations. We’ll also be joined by experienced healers so there’ll be lots of positive energy.

After 3 weeks you will be able to:

  • Use 3 methods for self healing
  • Confidently treat family and friends
  • Treat your favourite pet
  • Use Reiki for First Aid
  • Ease a friend’s headache
  • Soothe a fractious child

The price for the 3 days of training including the comprehensive manual, a meditation CD for daily practice, certificate and continuing email and telephone support is £179. You can pay in 3 monthly instalments if that makes it easier.

You can secure your place by filling in the attached booking form and returning it with your payment – alternatively pay by bank transfer. You’ll find all the details on the form.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about the course please email or call me on 07789 020 668.

love and light

Ruth Chambers

07789 020 668

Wedding and Funeral Celebrant


Life Coach
Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Teacher


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FHT Joint LSG Co-ordinator of the Year 2015

Exciting news!

Jayne and I are extremely proud to be the winners of the very first

“(Joint) LSG Co-ordinator of the Year”

It was hard to keep the news to ourselves, but we were sworn to secrecy until the awards were announced on the weekend of the FHT Congress.

Jacky went to the FHT Training Congress and Gala Awards Dinner at the Holiday Inn at Stratford-on-Avon on 5th/6th September  2015 to receive the award from Paul Battersby, FHT Vice-President, and was pleased that Caroline Bradley, Ros and John Elderkin and Julie Payne joined her to celebrate in fine style.

The Federation of Holistic Therapists awards ceremony 2015

Jon Critoph FHT Outreach Manager, Caroline Bradley, Jacky Huson, Ros Elderkin, Julie Payne

2015 Awards LSG Winner Jacky Huson HC Linda Jacobs Paul Battersby2 LR

Jacky receives the award on behalf of herself and Jayne Newsome from Paul Battersby, FHT Vice President


The certificates and trophies



“This award is for an LSG Coordinator or Joint-Coordinators who have supported the FHT, local like-minded members, other therapists and the public, through meetings, events and other activities. It goes without saying that ALL of our coordinators do a fantastic job, but this award was introduced so that those attending local meetings could show their gratitude for the support their own LSG coordinators provide, all on a completely voluntary basis.
From the very first LSG meeting held by Jacky and Jayne back in 2007, the group has continued to enjoy a wide range of talks, activities and support provided by these two coordinators.
Just to give you a flavour, they have arranged for industry experts to present to the group; shared and celebrated the achievements of individual group members; arranged treatment swaps; organised therapy taster sessions at local events and festivals; provided talks and demonstrations at local colleges and libraries; organised trips to exhibitions and conferences, and training opportunities especially for the group; and organised social events, including trips to a meditation garden and an annual Christmas meal. As practising therapists in their own right, Jacky and Jayne are both highly motivated and an inspiration to the group.”

Jacky and Jayne say “It is a tribute to the continued support of members which encourages us to keep striving to run an active Local Support Group in Nottinghamshire.
We both fervently believe that having such a network is very important for therapists to feel part of the bigger (in fact, biggest Complementary Therapy professional) organisation.
To be able to regularly meet other like-minded therapists, share information and continue our professional development in a convenient location, helps us feel supported and less isolated, as many of us may work alone.”

The Federation of Holistic Therapists awards ceremony 2015

Our delicious dinner was accompanied by, very strangely – a growing number of bottles of wine!!
Also on our table was Paul Battersby, his wife, Linda Jacobs (commended FHT LSG Coordinator – just after one year in operation) and a fellow member, plus our Nottingham cohort, accompanied by John Elderkin a stalwart supporter at meetings and events