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January 22nd 2019 – Sarah Spencer – Unlock nature’s secrets to happiness, health and wellbeing – Think Like a Tree

Have you ever stood in a forest and marvelled at how healthy, resilient, and long-lasting the trees are?  That’s no accident – millions of years of evolution have laid the foundations, and all living things share common principles that make them successful.  In this talk Sarah will explore with the group some of the natural principles. She will share her story and how her courses incorporate the natural wisdom into a design framework that can help us take control of our lives, our health and our wellbeing.  Like us, every tree in a woodland is unique, so this process allows us to find our own way, guided by the natural world.

Sarah is passionate about woodlands and all things natural.  She studied sustainable design (Diploma in Permaculture Design) and realised that the same natural principles she observed whilst designing landscapes could apply to her own life.  Sarah lives with a chronic illness, and in 2015 she was confined to bed and in a wheelchair, so she turned to the natural principles to design her way to better health and happiness.   Within one year she was able to return to working.   Her journey has now lead her to share her learning, helping people to achieve their potential, become more resilient, more effective at work, be healthier and happier in a very real and practical way. And to learn to become part of the living world that we share with our green cousins



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March 26th 2019

Ruth Duncan – Myofascial Release

Ruth lives in Scotland and obviously cannot visit our group in person so for the first time we are arranging a Skype presentation. This is a unique opportunity to learn about Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques from an internationally recognised professional and benefit from her experience and skill.

We will have a couch, client and local therapist at our meeting who will ‘mirror’ Ruth’s demonstration of MFR techniques so we can observe at close quarters.

Ruth says ‘MFR is not just about learning a technique. It’s about refining your kinesthetic touch, understanding imbalance and dysfunction and then using those skills to create, pain-free, structural integrity’. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Ruth graduated as a clinical massage therapist in 2000 from the Humanities Centre School of Massage in Florida, USA

She has explored direct and non-direct fascial approaches from various different modalities including Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains and Meridians, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (level1), Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Jean-Paul Barral Visceral Manipulation, and Liz Kotch, who specialises in core awareness and the psoas muscle. Ruth has participated in human dissection workshops to learn more about human anatomy, function and dysfunction.

Ruth has a personal interest in treating those with chronic pain, debilitation and exhaustion, particularly fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic myofascial pain syndrome, as she herself struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) for almost 8 years. She understands the emotion coming from the physical and the physical creating the emotion from firsthand experience.

She has authored ‘A Hands On Guide to Myofascial Release’ – a guide to using the foundational MFR techniques in a therapy practice.





May 28th 2019


July 23rd 2019

Herbal Medicine and Hormones

Katherine Bellchambers


September 24th 2019 – Barbara Scott – Reproflexology



November 26th 2019