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January 28th 2020

Corina Lucian – Gut-skin and emotional health connection.

We all know that the skin is our biggest organ doing complex jobs for us, one of which, for example, is elimination through perspiration which cools us down and removes toxins.

Corina will explain how a bad gut affects our mood and messes up our skin.

Be prepared to learn about our amazing gut and how it influences many aspects of our life.

You will develop a better understanding about what it really means when customers suffer from IBS, acne or anxiety.
Corina has been a local Skincare Expert since 1993.
Since moving to UK, she has been working with an unusually high number of adult cases of acne and rosacea.
In her practice she noticed that people improve quicker when they don’t have gut problems.
As well as her dermatology study, she has in-depth training in anatomy and physiology to cellular level. She has continued to develop her knowledge through medical journals which has given her a much clearer picture of how skin, gut and emotional health fit together.


March 24th 2020

Jeannie Tan – TMJ Therapy®

About Jeannie

Jeannie is a Certified Clinical Massage Practitioner and specialises in Advanced Clinical Sports Massage, Advanced Clinical Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, Scarwork.

Born in Malaysia, Jeannie – who is of Peranakan Chinese (Straits-born Chinese) heritage, was exposed to the benefits of therapy at a young age, especially from both her mother and maternal grandmother who practised homemade herbal remedies and home treatments.

Jeannie is also qualified in  Advanced Myofascial Release Treatment which is now her main practice; which includes specialised TMJ work, Sharon Wheeler’s Cranium work, Sharon’s Wheeler’s  Scarwork on any types of scars including Breast Cancer Scarwork.

Jeannie is the UK Lead and Global Trainer with Wellness for Cancer; training and working extensively with clientele presenting with various life limiting conditions and/or cancer wellness.

What is TMJ Therapy®?

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1 in 4 people suffer with TMJ. However many people have this condition without knowing it. Symptoms are wide and varied. Sufferers often struggle with receiving a definitive diagnosis. Some suffer for many years without hope. Medical intervention is often expensive and invasive with low success rates.

In 2000, after qualifying in massage, and with almost 20 years experience as a dental professional, Tracey Kiernan combined her knowledge and experience to create her unique TMJ Therapy® protocol.

Treating clients on referral from her dental surgeon, Tracey developed and refined her work over years of clinical practice. In 2005 she wrote her first 1 day introductory training course and the rest as they say is history.

Since then, her highly effective treatment protocol has been taught to hundreds of therapists in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Australia who are getting people out of pain and restriction in 1-6 treatments. 

This gentle, yet highly effective approach has been helping people for almost 20 years.

The protocol is made up of a unique blend of bodywork techniques, developed by Tracey herself in clinical practice. Come along and learn why the TMJ is one of the most unique joints in the body, how the balance of this complex joint affects everything including the pelvis even down to the feet, and what we as massage therapists can do to help.