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September 24th 2019 – Barbara Scott – Reproflexology


Barbara Scott is Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, founder of Seren Natural Fertility and author of Reflexology for Fertility.

In 2017, she was awarded ‘Complementary Therapist of the Year’ by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and has been nominated for several awards within the field of complementary therapy.

Barbara speaks and lectures globally on her integrative approach to supporting couples having difficulties conceiving. She has spoken at many of the Fertility Shows and Fertility Fest.

Alongside her own busy clinics, she also trains practitioners in providing this integrative approach to fertility healthcare and well-being. The ARR (Association of Reproductive Reflexologists) has trained practitioners in Australia, Canada, USA, Greece, Argentina, Hungary and Ireland.

Her expertise and passion is in advocating a patient-centred and integrative approach to supporting both men and women on their journey to parenthood.

ReproflexologyTM is a form of integrative medicine designed to support both men and women with reproductive conditions and/or fertility issues.  Globally, there are now an estimated 1 in 6 couples who experience difficulties of some kind when trying to get pregnant, and sadly, this is getting worse rather than better.  Male fertility, in particular has declined by a massive 50% over a 25 year period, and this decline in male fertility health is continuing.

I started teaching this course in 2007 after developing a range of evidenced based protocols designed to support every stage of the fertility journey for both men and women.  I have been fortunate to work with many hundreds of clients who have allowed me to share their journeys and develop my skills.

In 2011, I formed the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists to support practitioners with cases, keep their skills up to date, organise data collection, develop collaboration with the medical profession and promote their modality.

Our data, among many other things, showed a 68% success rate across the board and a doubling of the success rates with IVF.


November 26th 2019- Kathryn Ellis – Thai Yoga Massage

“I first came across the wonderful art of Thai yoga massage when I saw it demonstrated at the end of a yoga class. It was captivating to watch and even better to receive! It completely won me over and I decided to train as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I never looked back and now my whole work and life revolves around working with the connection between the physical and the mind.

I’ve been working full-time as a therapist offering Thai yoga massage and Sports & Remedial massage for 12 years. I also run Central School of Massage which offers practitioner courses and CPD courses, specialising in Thai yoga massage.

So often I come across massage therapists who are dealing with a lot of pain (thumbs, hands, back) or who have had to give up their work after only a few years. It’s such a shame because by adapting their routine and their approach, they could offer a brilliant massage with a lot less effort on their part.

I want to introduce you to Thai yoga massage which is such a clever form of treatment in the way we use our body. Just by changing your position slightly, or by changing the position of your client, you can make the massage a lot easier to give as well as more effective for the client”