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23rd November 2021 – Alison Emery – Move with Awareness – Somatic Movement

Alison is a clinical massage therapist (trained at Jing) based in Portsmouth and an Essential Somatics Movement Teacher. Her focus is to help people out of pain or to manage their pain. Her vision is to empower people to make their health a priority by encouraging regular self care in order to live a full and active life.
Due to the pandemic, like many therapists, her massage business closed. Fortunately she was able to help clients with their self care and to manage their pain with Somatics Movements when she introduced online classes which have been very successful.


Clinical massage is very effective for relieving chronic pain. However chronic pain and muscle stiffness are often caused by postural habits which have accumulated over time in a response to the way we live our lives. We are usually unable to break these habits because we are unaware we are doing them. Therefore, clinical massage will not address this. Somatics on the other hand helps to bridge this gap.

Somatic Movements work on the brain and nervous system. They help to increase your awareness of how your body moves and feels so that you can regain full conscious control of your muscles and improve your postural habits. They are gentle relaxing movements suitable for anyone of any age and can help with problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, stress and much more.

During this session Alison will give a small talk to explain a little more about Somatics and how it works using a technique called pandiculation. This will be followed by a practical taster session so you can experience this for yourself.

We’ll need to position our mats so we can lie down with our legs straight and Alison can see our heads and pelvis – you won’t need to see her, just focus on her voice.

September 28th 2021 – Matt McGuire – Nottingham Hospice

Some of you will recall that nine of our members provided therapies at the fundraiser event organised by the Hospice at ther Pamper Day back in 2013. Then again in 2019 three of us gave demonstrations/mini tutorials to staff at their ‘All Together’ team-building day.

Some of you commented how you appreciated my insight of being treated for cancer in the last newsletter. This prompted me to contact the Hospice for a more professional ‘take’.

Matt has worked at the Hospice since 2004 and is in the role of Complementary Therapy coordinator. He manages both paid staff and volunteers. Matt is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and has a Diploma in Acupuncture.

At the hospice they treat both cancer and non-cancer patients, as well as a small number of carers with a range of massage based treatments. Matt will talk about the Hospice and its services as well as the care provided and how to approach complementary therapy with someone in their palliative and terminal stages of their illness. Matt will also offer his thoughts on emotional support and the more formal services we have at the Hospice.

This will provide useful information on how we talk with our clients about cancer – it could be they’re a survivor, or a family member is undergoing treatment or they have sadly lost a family or friend to cancer.

See FB live video (sorry about sound quality)

Katherine Jennick – What’s Your Strength – 25th May 2021

WYS logo DARK BLUE and GREEN small

We’re delighted to announce our first post-lockdown meeting on Zoom.

Katherine is a fellow massage therapist and as an active member of our group, she has volunteered at ‘Find Your Sense of Tumour’ and worked at the Southwell Folk Festival.

Katherine wears many other hats……
Mother of two girls, she is a Careers Adviser for young people and the creator of ‘What’s your strength?’, a card activity designed to empower people to explore their skills and qualities, discover strengths, and unlock potential.

After a challenging year for everyone, it’s more important than ever to recognise our achievements, celebrate our successes, and build our self-esteem. Katherine will be talking to us about the story behind ‘What’s your strength?’ and how we can support our clients (and ourselves!) to recognise our own brilliance.

Katherine will kick off for about 30 minutes with some fun interactive activity. Then we’ll have plenty of time to chat, so do join us for this exciting start to post-lockdown meetings.

It promises to be a perfect topic for our ‘reunion’ meeting – really useful and interesting to get us thinking about ourselves and our therapy work.

Bring any ideas to share on restarting work, concerns about restarting work, support needed to restart work or we’d just be happy to see you and hear how you are.

We’ll all be coming from different directions and experiences of lockdown so I’m sure we can be kind and understanding of where people are in their therapy practice journey.

January 28th 2020

Corina Lucian – Gut-skin and emotional health connection.

We all know that the skin is our biggest organ doing complex jobs for us, one of which, for example, is elimination through perspiration which cools us down and removes toxins.

Corina explained how a bad gut affects our mood and messes up our skin.

We learnt about our amazing gut and how it influences many aspects of our life and developed a better understanding about what it really means when customers suffer from IBS, acne or anxiety.

Corina has been a local Skincare Expert since 1993.
Since moving to UK, she has been working with an unusually high number of adult cases of acne and rosacea.
In her practice she noticed that people improve quicker when they don’t have gut problems.
As well as her dermatology study, she has in-depth training in anatomy and physiology to cellular level. She has continued to develop her knowledge through medical journals which has given her a much clearer picture of how skin, gut and emotional health fit together.


November 26th 2019- Kathryn Ellis – Thai Yoga Massage

“I first came across the wonderful art of Thai yoga massage when I saw it demonstrated at the end of a yoga class. It was captivating to watch and even better to receive! It completely won me over and I decided to train as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I never looked back and now my whole work and life revolves around working with the connection between the physical and the mind.

I’ve been working full-time as a therapist offering Thai yoga massage and Sports & Remedial massage for 12 years. I also run Central School of Massage which offers practitioner courses and CPD courses, specialising in Thai yoga massage.

So often I come across massage therapists who are dealing with a lot of pain (thumbs, hands, back) or who have had to give up their work after only a few years. It’s such a shame because by adapting their routine and their approach, they could offer a brilliant massage with a lot less effort on their part.

I want to introduce you to Thai yoga massage which is such a clever form of treatment in the way we use our body. Just by changing your position slightly, or by changing the position of your client, you can make the massage a lot easier to give as well as more effective for the client”


September 24th 2019 – Barbara Scott – Reproflexology

Barbara Scott is Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, founder of Seren Natural Fertility and author of Reflexology for Fertility.

In 2017, she was awarded ‘Complementary Therapist of the Year’ by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and has been nominated for several awards within the field of complementary therapy.

Barbara speaks and lectures globally on her integrative approach to supporting couples having difficulties conceiving. She has spoken at many of the Fertility Shows and Fertility Fest.

Alongside her own busy clinics, she also trains practitioners in providing this integrative approach to fertility healthcare and well-being. The ARR (Association of Reproductive Reflexologists) has trained practitioners in Australia, Canada, USA, Greece, Argentina, Hungary and Ireland.

Her expertise and passion is in advocating a patient-centred and integrative approach to supporting both men and women on their journey to parenthood.

ReproflexologyTM is a form of integrative medicine designed to support both men and women with reproductive conditions and/or fertility issues.  Globally, there are now an estimated 1 in 6 couples who experience difficulties of some kind when trying to get pregnant, and sadly, this is getting worse rather than better.  Male fertility, in particular has declined by a massive 50% over a 25 year period, and this decline in male fertility health is continuing.

I started teaching this course in 2007 after developing a range of evidenced based protocols designed to support every stage of the fertility journey for both men and women.  I have been fortunate to work with many hundreds of clients who have allowed me to share their journeys and develop my skills.

In 2011, I formed the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists to support practitioners with cases, keep their skills up to date, organise data collection, develop collaboration with the medical profession and promote their modality.

Our data, among many other things, showed a 68% success rate across the board and a doubling of the success rates with IVF.


July 23rd 2019 – Suzanne Smith – Working with clients who have M.E/CFS and Fibromyalgia

Suzanne says “I am an Accredited Chrysalis Effect Practitioner specialising in recovery from the complex and multi-faceted chronic fatigue conditions of M.E, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My focus is on supporting people to raise their energy levels and get their life back.

I have been practising full time as a health kinesiologist since 2016, working in clinics in Clay Cross (south of Chesterfield) and Sheffield. I decided to specialise in fatigue because of the volume of clients I was seeing where fatigue was an underlying issue.

In my previous life, I worked for 18 years as a management accountant for a global corporate company – life now is very different now!

Many practitioners encounter clients who have chronic fatigue conditions – I would like to expand your understanding of the condition by explaining the pre-dispositions, sensitivities, warning signs and coping mechanisms that clients commonly present with. Understanding these aspects will help to explain why we often have clients who have “tried everything” with limited success.

I will be explaining how I work with my therapy of health kinesiology to support people as well as demonstrating how muscle response testing works. You will have the opportunity to try out your muscle response testing skills on each other as well as gaining a self-testing skill”


May 28th 2019

Ruth Duncan – Myofascial Release

Ruth lives in Scotland and obviously cannot visit our group in person so for the first time we are arranging a Skype presentation. This is a unique opportunity to learn about Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques from an internationally recognised professional and benefit from her experience and skill.

We will have a couch, client and local therapist at our meeting who will ‘mirror’ Ruth’s demonstration of MFR techniques so we can observe at close quarters.

Ruth says ‘MFR is not just about learning a technique. It’s about refining your kinesthetic touch, understanding imbalance and dysfunction and then using those skills to create, pain-free, structural integrity’. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Ruth graduated as a clinical massage therapist in 2000 from the Humanities Centre School of Massage in Florida, USA

She has explored direct and non-direct fascial approaches from various different modalities including Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains and Meridians, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (level1), Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Jean-Paul Barral Visceral Manipulation, and Liz Kotch, who specialises in core awareness and the psoas muscle. Ruth has participated in human dissection workshops to learn more about human anatomy, function and dysfunction.

Ruth has a personal interest in treating those with chronic pain, debilitation and exhaustion, particularly fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic myofascial pain syndrome, as she herself struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) for almost 8 years. She understands the emotion coming from the physical and the physical creating the emotion from firsthand experience.

She has authored ‘A Hands On Guide to Myofascial Release’ – a guide to using the foundational MFR techniques in a therapy practice.





March 26th 2019

Herbal Medicine and Hormones

Katherine Bellchambers

With over 10 years experience working with people in all areas of health and wellbeing Katherine has found her niche as a Medical Herbalist working with women experiencing hormonal disruption and problems conceiving. She trained at the College of Phytotherapy and later at the University of East London and serve as a director of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Her passion lies in helping women to experience womanhood without the trials of PMS, PCOS and infertility. She enjoys sharing the knowledge of herbs and medicine making.

A mother of two grown children she keeps bees and chickens in West Bridgford where she lives with her husband.

This introduction to Medical Herbalism or Modern Western Herbal Medicine will explain how it differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and old-fashioned herbalism. Katherine will give an overview of some of the common herbs used and introduce us to the preparations a Medical Herbalist uses when treating people and an overview of controlled herbs. She will bring fresh and dried medicinal herbs for us to taste and smell and some tinctures and salves for us to try.

She will also give a brief introduction to functional infertility and the work she does helping women and couples to conceive


January 22nd 2019 – Sarah Spencer – Unlock nature’s secrets to happiness, health and wellbeing – Think Like a Tree

Have you ever stood in a forest and marvelled at how healthy, resilient, and long-lasting the trees are?  That’s no accident – millions of years of evolution have laid the foundations, and all living things share common principles that make them successful.  In this talk Sarah will explore with the group some of the natural principles. She will share her story and how her courses incorporate the natural wisdom into a design framework that can help us take control of our lives, our health and our wellbeing.  Like us, every tree in a woodland is unique, so this process allows us to find our own way, guided by the natural world.

Sarah is passionate about woodlands and all things natural.  She studied sustainable design (Diploma in Permaculture Design) and realised that the same natural principles she observed whilst designing landscapes could apply to her own life.  Sarah lives with a chronic illness, and in 2015 she was confined to bed and in a wheelchair, so she turned to the natural principles to design her way to better health and happiness.   Within one year she was able to return to working.   Her journey has now lead her to share her learning, helping people to achieve their potential, become more resilient, more effective at work, be healthier and happier in a very real and practical way. And to learn to become part of the living world that we share with our green cousins



Facebook: thinklikeatree

Instagram: thinklikeatree


27th November 2018 – Emma Mills London – Creativity, awareness, and presence in meditation

Emma Mills is a meditation teacher and the creator of  emmamillslondon.com . She is the mindfulness expert on the board of advisers at the luxury brand, Neom Organics, and has contributed to the Telegraph, Lonely Planet, City AM, the Irish Enquirer, Amnesty International, MIND, Red Magazine and Cosmopolitan. She has a private practice in central London, as well as in the Midlands. She holds events and meetings across the UK.

Many of us working in the healing arts will have encountered meditation and during this short talk, I intend to share my own unique approach to it through the pillars of enquiry, learning, and celebration. With this in hand,   I hope to explore together how the creativity, awareness, and presence cultivated during our formal meditation practice can be brought to life, enhancing the everyday moments we share with others in our work as practitioners.

Facebook – @emmamillslondon


25th September 2018

Carrie Ekins – Treatment Unicorn – Putting the magic back in your hands as therapists.

Carrie Ekins (pronounced Ee-kins) loves helping Wellness Professionals and Creatives to find clarity on what makes them uniquely awesome and how to grow their practices with foundations of love. With over 14 years as a massage therapist, she is also a specialist myofascial release practitioner based in Sheffield, England. When not geeking out on the wonders of human body and mind you can often find her cooking, reading or in the garden. 

If you are tired of hustling, feeling overwhelmed and ‘not good enough’ in your business, then it’s time to switch to love. Step away from fear and comparison!

In this talk I’ll show you how knowing what makes you uniquely awesome, who you love to work with and what you truly love to do, can change everything.

You leave with tips and techniques that make being a therapist feel good again, with more high vibes and good intention than you’ve felt for a long time.


24th July 2018

Jane McLennan – Peer Massage in Schools

I have been practising as a complementary therapist since 2004. My main specialism has been traditional Japanese lineage Reiki healing and training, and I also practice several forms of massage, run meditation and well-being workshops, as well as colour and image consultancy. My background was originally in Interior Architecture and Design and I spent 5 years as a University lecturer in this field. When an opportunity arose to work with peer massage in schools through the Holistic Health Team, I was keen to explore the possibilities of bringing therapies into education to help shape future generations.

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) has been running in the UK since 2000. It was started by two massage therapists from Canada and Sweden and is now practiced in 33 countries worldwide.The vision of the Massage in Schools Programme is that “every child attending school experience positive and nurturing touch every day…everywhere in the world”.

I have worked in about 15 schools and coordinated delivery of peer massage through Holistic Health Team to more than 50 schools in Nottinghamshire. I have been involved in two studies, funded by Nottinghamshire Healthy Schools, to evaluate the effectiveness of Massage in Schools. I was selected to do an oral presentation of our second study at CAMSTRAND complementary therapy conference in 2016 and I am currently sending the paper to journals seeking publication.

I will be talking about my experiences of being part of a study, the processes we went through and the results we discovered. I will also be touching on evaluating effectiveness as a therapist and some of the standardised evaluation tools that are available, if anyone is interested in doing their own study or evaluating their work. Then the last half hour or so, we will have a chance to experience the amazing benefits of peer massage as a group

Click here to see Jane McLennan’s presentation of Peer Massage in Schools


22nd May 2018

Corina Lucian – Skincare products

Corina gave a very educational and informative talk to an attentive audience on the biology (see the model in the photo) of our skin, how to look after it, conditions and how to ‘keep it simple’.

In my practice I work with adult and teenagers acne, rosacea and aging skin. I am very specialised in what I do, and I am passionate to help demanding skin types.
I really struggled to find a brand or professional  products which I could use after extraction for rosacea and acne so I decided to make my own.

My customers then wanted to buy the products I used on them:
– cleanser
– neck cream
– luxurious face oil to counter the effects of age,
– hand cream for him and her
– body oil

In my salon I use my own face massage oil, my cleanser, the luxurious face oil  and my  body oil.

I have been an expert in skincare for more than 20 years having trained in dermatology, cosmetic chemistry, cosmetology ( which is the science of cosmetic manufacturing), microbiology and essential oils chemistry.

My products are developed with different  skin types in mind and are age related: over 40 and over 50’s face oils,  Our neck cream was developed with over 35 in mind.


March 27th 2018  – Vivien Skelton – Rolfing® Structural Integration

Vivien has always had an interest in anatomy, the human body and the potential of human movement. She is fascinated by how the body functions, how it moves and how we live in our body. Her initial journey was to train as a Yoga teacher, however following her own experiences of the Rolfing Ten series, Vivien trained with the European Rolfing® Association in Munich Germany and is now a certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement practitioner™. Further study has resulted in complementary skills including ScarWork, BoneWork, Neural Mobilisation and SourePoint Therapy®.

Developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the USA over 50 years ago, Rolfing is a form of bodywork that systematically treats the whole person from head to feet using deep manipulation of the connective tissue and movement education. This is a holistic technique in that the changes in structure can impact the whole person on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

The hallmark of Rolfing is a standardised “recipe” known as the Rolfing Ten Series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimise both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions.

After the Rolfing process the body continues to change and as the process has been gradual and allowed the body to unravel at it own speed, the changes have more possibility to be long lasting. This allows more freedom of movement, greater flexibility, fewer aches and pains and better alignment of posture within the gravitational field. People often find they also have more confidence and greater self-esteem


23rd January 2018

Healing Drum & Gong Celebration  – Sarah Westwood

Come for a wonderful evening of sharing the power of the drum in celebration of music, healing and joy!

For complete beginners and seasoned drummers alike, Sarah will take you on a drum journey to immerse you in sound and rhythm.

Playing drums together has a powerful effect on our minds and bodies. Since ancient times, sacred drumming has been used around the world to help us bond as communities and take us into beautiful inner spaces. It reduces stress, promotes healing and makes us feel great.

In listening deeply and connecting with the drum and each other we can find peace, healing – and a truly exhilarating experience.

Sarah will be adding the entrancing sounds of the gong to carry us on our magical sound journey…

Drums available for the first 16 people, or you may bring your own if you have one – djembes or shamanic drums are all welcome.

Sarah is an inspiring teacher and sound healer, who has taught West African Drumming for over 20 years in schools, community groups and organisations. She leads two African drumming bands and teaches regularly in Birmingham. She is now becoming as well known for her beautiful soundbaths with Gongs, Didgeridoos and Drums, as well as combination workshops with Yinspiral Sound & Yoga.

For more information on Sarah’s work, find her on:

Trish, John and Ros raring to go
Juiie, Jane and Jacqueline
Stuart, Robert and Sandy
Gerry, Jean and Neil
Extra accompaniments, shakers, singing bowl, ocean drum, rain stick, cymbals
Sarah set up her ‘stage’ beautifully
Farewell to Jayne

It was certainly a noisy send-off for Jayne! But she assures us she’ll keep in touch. We presented her with an album of the activities of the group since its inception in 2007. We hope she’ll treasure the memories.
You can view it here

Jacky and Jayne with her souvenir album

Date: Tuesday 28nd November 2017 7.30pm

Christmas Pamper Spa evening

Members will talk briefly about products they represent – Weleda, Neal Yard Organics and Corina Lucian’s facial products, then everyone can try the products on themselves and each other.

No heavy marketing, but if you want to stock up on Christmas presents, here’s an ideal opportunity.

Bring a bowl (for foot bath) .and a towel and pillow.

If you have a reflexology chair, please bring it – for hand/arm and facial treatments.

Bring a plate of food to share.


Date: 26th September 2017 – Understanding Dementia – Ian Hind, Alzheimer’s Society

Ian says “I have worked for Alzheimer’s Society for nearly 5 years, previously as a Dementia Support Worker and a Licensed Trainer. In my role now I support the delivery of the Dementia Friends initiative across the East Midlands, training and supporting volunteers to deliver Information Sessions in their local communities. I am passionate about building dementia-friendly communities. I have studied with the Open University, enjoying reading, live music and running. I live with my wife and 4 children in Nottingham.

Dementia Friends is a social action movement which aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia. Anyone can get involved and not only improve their understanding of dementia, but contribute to making their community more dementia-friendly – and I would like to invite you to join me in doing this at this information session. The Session is not training in any way but instead focuses on five messages about dementia that we think everyone should know, explained through discussions and activities. You then get the chance to turn understanding into action by committing to at least one dementia-friendly action. “


Date:  25th July 2017 – Restorative Coaching and Happiness and Wellbeing –  Jenny Waters


Jennifer Waters is a certified life and youth coach, who has practised meditation for over 20 years. Coming from an academic background, she spent 12 years in education, firstly as a teacher and later in senior management. She found that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her work was coaching pupils and staff, and decided to specialise in this area. She now works three days a week as a Wellbeing Coach for sixth formers with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and self-harming and also gives workshops on stress management and the importance of coaching in the workplace.

Life seems to be becoming more stressful for most people, and many young people in particular are finding it difficult to cope. The emphasis that society places on examination results, the pressure to be perfect from magazines, television and social media and the highly addictive nature of mobile phones preventing ‘mental rest’, can all lead to a situation of near mental breakdown and severe self-criticism. I will argue that now more than ever, we all, and young people in particular, need to have time to ‘just be’. Restorative coaching assists the whole person and through a combination of mindfulness, breathing, information and coaching techniques helps to bring down cortisol levels and restore the person from within.

Jenny provided two handouts

Benefits of meditation

10 Best ever anxiety management techniques


Date: 23rd May 2017 – Therapist self-care and burnout – Anne Crosbie and Pete Anderson

Pete is a very significant figure on the health and well-being scene here in the East Midlands. He runs Authentic Health which specialises in holistic health and spiritually-based therapies, and Pete himself is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner and Yoga teacher as well as a Mindfulness teacher. His mission is to explain the inter-connections between body, emotions, mind and spirit in a clear and simple way with compassionate humour. Drawing on science and psychology, as well as over 20 years of personal spiritual explorations, working on all these levels he has helped many people to live more happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Anne is a counsellor and Psychotherapist, and also has extensive experience mentoring parents of children on the Autistic spectrum. Following her own burn-out and a diagnosis with chronic illness, Anne began exploring the relationships between lifestyle and physical and emotional well-being, which now features prominently in her work with clients. Anne is particularly passionate about helping clients to overcome shame patterns linked to self-care.

Given Anne and Pete’s mutual belief in empowerment to self-care, and the natural dovetailing of skills a collaborative project was a inevitable, and so “4 steps 4 stress” was born.

As therapists we are alert to signs of stress and burn-out in our clients but how attuned are we to our own symptoms? Do you know what causes you to burn-out? Do you drain yourself giving to your clients?

During the evening we will look at the impact stress can have on our physical and mental well-being; and explore ideas we can use to better care for ourselves as therapists and also share with our clients. This will be an experiential evening where you will begin to develop your own personal stress management manual.

Pete was sadly unable to make the meeting but Anne was happy to ‘fly solo’ and we were delighted with an impressive turnout of 25 members. It was lovely to meet some new members and welcome back some ‘old’ members.
It was a very interesting and useful evening during which Anne got us thinking about our personal causes of stress related to activities in a typical day, effects of stress,  our most common stressful thoughts and reactions/behaviour.
Anne and Pete run courses 4Steps 4 Stress and when dates are available I will forward them.

Date:  28th March 2017 – MTAT Ear Acupuncture – Anna Venables

See International Therapist Autumn 2016 issue on MTAT

Microsystems Therapies and Training

Stress and Anxiety Management Ear Acupuncture Protocol Level 1

Thursdays May 11th and 18th 2017

Anna Venables runs two-day courses, accredited by FHT – See more information on her website

The course allows for a week’s practice of 3 needling points before the 2nd week for the 2 further points and assessment. This practice week proves useful to gain confidence and time to assimilate the technique and theory.

Anna is very thorough, affirming, friendly and helpful and the course is reinforced with a very comprehensive course manual.

It is “recognised to be adjuvant (given in addition to the primary, main, or initial therapy to maximize its effectiveness) to conventional and complementary treatments, talking therapies and relaxation techniques.” The course qualifies you specifically for needling the 5 points on the ear relating to the nervous system.


Date: Tuesday 24th January 2017 – Arvigo Massage – Jaqui Beswick

About Jaqui
I found Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® a few years ago now and have
been practicing it ever since becoming an Arvigo® practitioner. I love to teach which is why
I travelled last year over to Boston USA to take their Teacher Training Course in Self Care
even though I have been a qualified lecturer since the early 1990’s. The work is very
profound and my aim is to help Rosita to spread the word and to teach these techniques to
those who need it. I would especially like to teach it to young women who are only just
starting their journey into woman hood and therapists like yourselves who could pass on
this very important information to others too.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®
These techniques have been brought to us by Rosita Arvigo. Rosita became an apprentice and studied withthe famous Belize shaman Don Elijio Panti for many years. Rosita also spent time
studying with Miss Hortence Robinson a renowned Belize natural midwife (known as ‘mil
secretos’ – The lady of a thousand secrets).

Combining this work with her own knowledge as a Dr of Naprapathy and Herbalism she developed this profound therapy. One of the conditions that Don Elijio took Rosita on as his apprentice was a promise to him that she would not let his knowledge die and that she would always look after his people. To fulfil this promise she has teachers throughout the world passing on this knowledge and
maintains the Ixchel foundation, its rainforest; school and clinic. This is why part of a treatment is being taught the self care routine and the courses are run all over the world

What can this work do for you?
The course is about you learning these techniques that enable you to look after yourself
and help put things right. The Maya healers believed that if the organs in the abdomen are
healthy then the rest will follow.

One of Don Elijio’s famous sayings is
“ Most people think too much, get them to laugh
and half their troubles and sickness will go away,
and the blessed herbs will do the rest”


Date: Tuesday September 27th 2016 – Supercharge your Mindset and Attitude – Sunita Passi

Sunita Passi is an entrepreneur, Ayurvedic specialist and founder of training and product brand Tri-Dosha. With 11 years in industry, she has become known as a pioneering product and training developer, and homed her skills as a holistic therapeutic expert and authoritative writer and speaker.

In this talk, she will explain how developing a positive mental attitude can make a huge difference to your business, and coupled with marketing tips for holistic therapists which are both practical and interesting, she will show you how your gifts and talent can flourish immeasurably.


Date: Tuesday July 26th 2016 – Mindfulness – Pete Anderson

His website

A good turnout at which we welcomed ‘old’ and new members and visitors

Pete is a very significant figure on the health and well-being scene here in the East Midlands. He runs Authentic Health which specialises in holistic health and spiritually-based therapies, and Pete himself is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner and Yoga teacher as well as a Mindfulness teacher.

His mission is to explain the inter-connections between body, emotions, mind and spirit in a clear and simple way with compassionate humour. Drawing on science and psychology, as well as over 20 years of personal spiritual explorations, working on all these levels he has helped many people to live more happy, healthy and fulfilled lives,

Mindfulness is a very simple practise, easily incorporated into everyday life, scientifically proven to have significant benefits to our happiness, relationships and physical and mental health amongst others. Pete will introduce the basic concepts, share his own experiences and passion, and guide you through some simple exercises and meditations giving tools to take away with you.

Through practising mindfulness we develop our self-knowledge, wisdom, sensitivity and awareness which allows us to better understand others and their needs. As holistic practitioners, whether we work with energy, touch or talking, mindfulness will enhance the quality of our treatments, as well as our own lives.


Date: Tuesday May 24th 2016 – Herbal Medecine – Katherine Bellchambers

Her website

With over 10 years experience working with people in all areas of health and wellbeing Katherine has found her niche as a Medical Herbalist working with women experiencing hormonal disruption and problems conceiving. She trained at the College of Phytotherapy and later at the University of East London and serve as a director of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Her passion lies in helping women to experience womanhood without the trials of PMS, PCOS and infertility. She enjoys sharing the knowledge of herbs and medicine making.

A mother of two grown children she keeps bees and chickens in West Bridgford where she lives with her husband.

This introduction to Medical Herbalism or Modern Western Herbal Medicine will explain how it differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and old-fashioned herbalism. Katherine will give an overview of some of the common herbs used and introduce us to the preparations a Medical Herbalist uses when treating people and an overview of controlled herbs. She will bring fresh and dried medicinal herbs for us to taste and smell and some tinctures and salves for us to try.

She will also give a brief introduction to functional infertility and the work she does helping women and couples to conceive

Caroline B a bit uncertain about Goosegrass, ‘Sticky Willy’, ‘Cleavers’, or properly called Galium Aparine. It can beef up the immune system as it’s high in minerals and vitamins. Can be added to soups, or make a tea. Don’t try this at home – check first how!
Caroline A examining the Comfrey salve and leaf – otherwise known as Knitbone. It contains allantoin, which can help stimulate cell growth and repair while also depressing inflammation
Katherine’s display of potions, tinctures and dried leaves and useful books.


Date: Tuesday March 22nd 2016 –  M-Test (Meridian Testing) – Kat Chu


Kat’s presentation will show how to apply the Generation cycle in five element theory to bodywork and magnet theory. She will explain the meridian points and a simple diagnostic system to add as a adjunct to any bodywork protocols.

The M Test system is a relatively new protocol from Japan. Kat studied with Mukaino and his student Yuki Itaya extensively to bring this non-invasive system to Europe and widen practitioners’ knowledge of Acupuncture theories and its varied applications. During this workshop students will learn the basic points, the theory behind their use and practical application in the workplace.

Kat Chu is a practitioner of TEAM (Traditional East Asian Medicine), using a combination of the classical Five Elements and more modern TCM theories to diagnose and treat disease.

Kat has a practice at Tiger Boe on Clarendon Street and runs courses in, among others, Healing and Meditation, ‘Eat Yourself to Health’ and DIY Acupressure.

Kat has been brought up in a household where Acupuncture has been practised for generations, and subsequently gained her BSc in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Lincoln University. Kat has completed her extensive postgraduate studies with modern master Jong Baik.

Kat is also a trustee of Moxafrica (www.moxafrica.org), an international programme tackling multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in Africa using Eastern Medicine protocols. She is also studying for a PhD at the John Van Geest Research centre in Palliative care and Acupuncture.

Kat talking to an attentive group
Kat explaining the Large Intestine and Lung meridians before we stuck dots and magnets on Mother or Son.


Date: Tuesday January 26th 2016

Topic: The Importance of Movement to Health (2CPD points)

Speaker – James Crossley

James is an Osteopath with dual Masters qualifications in Sports Science and Osteopathy and 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. James is a published author in the field of strength and conditioning and an experienced presenter on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Having qualified in New Zealand, completing a degree in human biology and a 2-year postgraduate Masters in Osteopathy, James now works as a registered Osteopath in the UK in two separate clinics. The first a holistic therapy and functional training studio based in Colwick, Nottingham, called Original Movement, where he specialises in applying osteopathic principles to rehabilitation to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. His second a classical Osteopathic clinic in Southwell, Nottingham. 

James Crossley talking to our group
James Crossley with ‘Seymour’ the ‘no-arm’ skeleton!!
A good turnout for a fascinating, very useful talk with lots of useful information to take away and use with our clients – and ourselves.

James talked about the importance of movement to health: how restriction of mobility in one area of the body can have implications for function in areas distal to the site of restriction.  Concepts include regional interdependence and its importance for biomechanical, physiological and psychological health and the use of exercise to help promote movement, mobility and health.  

The presentation included practical demonstrations of the importance of regional mobility, suggestions for clinical assessment and a range of exercise interventions alongside appropriate application in clinical settings. James had us on our haunches testing our flexibility!!

22nd September 2015

Topic: The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children using Gentle Energy Techniques

Speaker – Sue Ricks

Sue Ricks is the founder of Gentle Touch Reflexology and provides training and treatments in Gentle Touch Reflexology, advanced reflexology skills, Reflexology for Babies and Children and other therapies through her School in the UK. Sue is also a broadcaster, writer and speaker

Her interest in Reflexology began with the birth of her first son in 1986. She has since developed a passionate belief in the power of Reflexology and specifically Gentle Touch Reflexology to aid people of all ages. Sue is currently undertaking research in to the effectiveness of reflexology treatments following successfully conducting thousands of consultations and treatments in her clinic.

Experience the joys of using The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies & Children. Sue Ricks will present and demonstrate some of the simple but effective techniques that can be used for youngsters of all ages.

This evening will include knowledge, information, techniques and practical skills for everyone to enjoy, learn and experience. It’s informative, enjoyable and practical in every way.

Sue will also be including some of the latest research data collection information from her work in hospitals in America and how we can use this to help young clients, friends and family here in the UK

July 28th 2015

Topic: Introduction to the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care from a therapists viewpoint; Introduction to Shiatsu as a Therapy for self-help and with family/friends.

Speaker – Julie Tasker

In 2005, Julie qualified in reflexology and health kinesiology and continued training in various other complementary therapies including Shiatsu.

As a qualified teacher, Julie enjoys helping people learn and teaches health kinesiology, healing and reiki.

Amongst other roles, Julie is Vice President for the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She is proactive in encouraging the acceptance and integration of complementary therapies into a healthcare system for equal access by all. She believes this involves helpng people to understand themselves, including their own bodies. Julie emphasises an important role for therapists is offering self-help ideas to clients.

Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for Health and Social Care: PSA is here to protect the public and help ensure their health and wellbeing by raising standards in the regulation and registration of people working in health and social care. Some insight into this role from a therapist / FHT viewpoint.

Shiatsu is a touch-based therapy – Japanese for ‘finger pressure’: Introduction to Shiatsu with some opportunities to learn such as some meridian exercises; self-shiatsu possibilities; and if participants would like to work with others at the session to enable them to perhaps work with family and friends.

May 19th 2015

Topic: Ceremonies from cradle to grave

Speaker: Ruth Chambers

Ruth has had a therapy practice in Castle Donington for 27 years starting with massage, adding in Reiki, Feng Shui, NLP and EFT plus teaching Yoga and meditation classes. She says that her new venture – working as an Independent Celebrant – is a continuation of the healing work she has been doing for so long. She has conducts Celtic Handfastings in Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circles, Baby Naming Ceremonies and Engagement Commitments, Renewal of Vows and Weddings. She is becoming well known for funerals and celebrations of life which are personal and meaningful. Ruth is passionate about helping people plan ceremonies which reflect their own beliefs and values

We have lost touch with the importance of celebration and ritual which mark those special moments in our journey through life. Ceremonies can be created for all the rites of passage from naming the new baby and welcoming it into the family, through engagements, weddings and renewal of vows to funerals and life celebrations.

Ruth will talk about both family and funeral ceremonies and show you how a properly created ceremony can bring healing to a family, strengthening bonds  and improving relationships. Learn how you can help your clients at these important times in their lives.

March 24th 2015

Topic: Finger Free® Reflexology

Speaker – David Wayte

Please bring your reflexology chair as this will be a practical session. If you’re not a reflexologist, do come along and enjoy being a ‘client’!!

I started developing  Finger Free® Reflexology back in 2004 as a result of many Reflexologists who came to my other CPD events complaining of aching fingers and thumbs. Since then over 300 Reflexologists have trained in this radical new approach to Reflexology. Instead of using thumbs and fingers, the metatarsal heads, pisiform and sphenoid process are used to apply pinpoint pressure to the reflexes thus saving fingers and wrist from RSI. To see Finger Free® Reflexology in action, please see http://youtu.be/aAE9cu2H2NQ .

David Wayte is a Director of Professional Reflexology, Principal of Jubilee College and sits on the Reflexology Profession Specific Board of the CNHC


Finger free reflexology looks very relaxing

January 27th 2015

Topic: The Cancer Options Story: Why we do what we do

Speaker – Patricia Peat

In her 20 years as an oncology nurse, Cancer Options founder Patricia Peat saw thousands of cancer patients struggle with difficult emotions: shock, fear, anxiety, grief, trepidation, uncertainty.

But for many people, the worst feeling was of not being in control – of their treatment, their future, their health outcomes. Also of not being listened to when they wanted to find ways to help themselves, “the sense of disempowerment was palpable”

Patricia recognised that what people needed was access to quality, up-to-date information and research about all the latest and best approaches to the treatment and management of their illness so they could take charge of their cancer decisions – and reclaim their health choices for themselves.

So in 2000 she founded Cancer Options to provide them with access to this information and research, and to coaching and consultancy services designed to ensure they get all they need.

And the results have been profound: thousands of client who have been supported on their journeys to finding the right support to deal physically and emotionally with the challenges and change that cancer can bring, not just for them but for those around them.

The research base behind integrative medicine is growing so fast it is becoming a speciality in its own right around the world, in England sadly we still lag behind in adopting new methods.

Patricia, has become a renowned and entertaining lecturer on this research and remains passionate about encouraging the safe integration of complementary therapies with the best orthodox ones.

It’s this passion that drove her to establish Cancer Options and today it still drives her to continue to develop it as a renowned service at the forefront of cancer treatment developments.


To see a video of Patricia Peat speaking about integrative cancer care go to http://youtu.be/nheMl4vfyaU

And on the radio: http://naturalhealthradio.co.uk/keith-hern-13-sept-talks-with-patricia-peat/

Cancer Options E Leaflet-2

Christmas Social – 25th November 2014

Come and join us for our usual festive social evening with delicious food, fun games and lively company.

Let Jayne know your choice using the menu form and send a cheque payable to ‘Jayne Newsome’ by 16th November

Jayne – 0115 926 2068

39 Mapperley Orchard, Arnold, Notts. NG5 8AHmenu

Topic: Health Kinesiology and Weleda 
Speaker: Jo Dall
Date: Tuesday September 23rd 2014

Ten years ago Jo gave up a Sales and Marketing directorship to train to be a Health Kinesiology practitioner. She had been for treatments and was completely blown away by how amazing and unique kinesiology was.

Over the last 10 years she has built up a successful practice at her home near Matlock, Derbyshire and she sees clients from all over the country with all sorts of concerns, whether these be physical or emotional.

Last year she was asked by Weleda if she would consider joining a team to create a new advisor role to spread the Weleda word. She jumped at the chance as she has always loved their products, plus it was a way of earning some extra money.

She has never looked back!

She will speak about her journey as a practitioner and how, through this, she found Weleda.

She will describe how the two aspects of Health Kinesiology and Weleda sit so well with what she does and how they can make such a significant difference to how people look and feel.

We are a nation of toxic beings and so, if we can help our clients to unburden their bodies and minds, then the work that we do can be more beneficial and effective.

She will also speak briefly about how this new dimension has offered her financial security without compromising her ethics and beliefs, plus adding value to what she does for her clients.

Date: Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Topic: Nutrition issues for clients

Speaker: Chris Newbold

Chris Newbold Nutritional Therapist BSc, DipCHEd Nut

Chris is an experienced nutritional therapist who worked in the NHS for 12 years before defecting to natural therapies. Utilising his wide variety of healthcare experience, he ran a busy practice in Birmingham, practising naturopathic, holistic nutrition with clients with a range of complex disorders before starting work for BioCare as a technical advisor in 2006. He is now Head of Clinical Nutrition at BioCare, overseeing the clinical nutrition team and the extensive practitioner education programme.

Key issues in nutrition with clients

Nutrition is increasingly important as a strategy for working with clients holistically. The modern diet creates additional stress on the body, tipping it into ill-health. In addition there is increasing evidence of the therapeutic value of food and food supplements. Chris will take you though some nutritional fundamentals, giving you tips on supporting your clients using nutritional strategies and recommending supplements. Key areas that will be covered include gut health, energy and inflammatory conditions, and key supplement areas will be probiotics and essential fats.

 Date: Tuesday May 27th 2014

Topic: Foam roller and Myofascial release

Speaker: Aaron Lindsey

About Aaron Lindsey

I started into training through martial arts (Muay Thai and capoeira) from the age of 14 and I have competed internationally in these in sports, which led to my start in coaching fighters. I have worked specifically in the fitness industry for the past 12 years which includes working with people referred from doctors and physios for a range of conditions. Currently I am Strength and conditioning Coach and Olympic Weightlifting Coach. My role is to coach Athletes from the age of 11 through to adults in the foundation of sports training, competition preparation and competitions. Keeping my athletes injury-free and able to train is vital to their success.

The talk will include:

  • What the foam roller is and its uses.
  • When to use a roller.
  • Other tools to use in myofascial release.
  • Exploring and understanding ITB release and looking at some myths around it.
  • Group activity with rollers and other tools.
  • Benefits of myofascial release to yourself and client.

Date: Tuesday March 25th 2014

Topic: Buteyko method of breathing

Speaker: Joe Morrell

About Joe Morrell

In 2002, following a timber treatment exposure, I experienced fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, trembling, hallucinations, loss of coordination, and hyper-stimulation. This morphed into chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies to petro-chemicals and pulsed electricity, and anxiety and depression.

Extensive research and experimentation with every healing modality available brought no significant improvement.

Three years ago I attended a Learn Buteyko workshop and was amazed to see immediate results. It took a year of practice to restore my health.

I then joined the training program, and have facilitated numerous Learn Buteyko events around the country and in Europe. I also help train students on a daily basis under the tutelage of senior practitioners.

 Buteyko method of breathing

We will be presenting the work of Professor Buteyko, the celebrated Ukranian medical scientist, via documentary, white board and Q & A Skype session with a senior practitioner in Asia.

It was recognised by the 1950’s that the primary hormone is CO2. And that the common factor in chronic illness is ‘hyperventilation syndrome’, resulting in CO2 deficiency.

Buteyko consequently developed a breath-reduction training program to enable patients to reverse disease.

Therapists will be shown Buteyko’s diagnostic tool for measuring ventilation rate, and what this indicates for health. And in order to experience its benefits and difficulties, they will be taught a breath reduction exercise.

We encourage therapists to employ these tools in their work. And we will explain our fee structure for referrals.

Date: Tuesday January 28th 2014

Topic: Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy

Speaker: Linda Booth


About Linda Booth

Linda Booth is a Naturopath, Digestive Health Practitioner, and Registered Colonic Hydrotherapist. She has 23 years full-time clinical practice under her belt, initially running a back pain clinic in Mapperley with her Chartered Physiotherapist husband, Kevin, but now running an IBS, Digestive Health and Gut Disorders Clinic at Plains View GP Surgery, Mapperley, Nottingham.

She specialises in the treatment of functional bowel disease, so that’s just about anything that’s going on in the digestive tract, from mouth to anus, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Non-specific Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Bloating, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Fatty Liver Disease, Diverticulosis etc. She can, and does advise on the management of organic bowel disease too, including Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac Disease, Diverticulitis and Bowel Cancer. However, organic bowel disease, in flare-up is a contra-indication to colonic hydrotherapy, so she tends to work alongside the Nutritional Therapist at the Clinic, and recommends protocols for treating these particular conditions, including anti-inflammatory diets and certain supplements. She may also carry out blood/saliva tests and Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis to get the bottom of a certain GI problem.

Linda has been on the Committee of The Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists for 6 years now, 3 years as Vice Chair, and is passionate about education and awareness of the benefits of modern colonic hydrotherapy to dispel many of the myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions about this gentle, yet profoundly effective form of therapy. To view Linda carrying out a colonic hydrotherapy treatment at her Clinic, take a look at her website.


Colonic Hydrotherapy, sometimes known as Colonic Irrigation has been around for thousands of years when the Ancient Egyptians would hollow out a reed, fill it with water, insert it into the rectum and blow the water in. This is called a ‘blow-enema’ for obvious reasons. Come forward a few thousand years to the Victorians, who were a little obsessed with intestinal cleansing. They built over-engineered colonic cleansing machines, and most self-respecting Victorians, of a certain class, would have periodic colon cleansing. The Victorian Doctors believed that ‘Death Began In The Bowels’, and periodic purges were de rigeur. These machines relied on gravity to help gently push the water around the bowel. Unlike an enema that just clears out the rectum, a well-trained and experienced colonic hydrotherapist can manipulate the water to get right around the large intestine and into the cecum. Linda will explain the different types of colonic hydrotherapy equipment, and why it’s important to clear out the cecum.

Many colonic hydrotherapists use herbs during the course of the treatment to help enhance the treatment benefits, particularly on people that suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The bowels of these people tend to be in spasm, and just getting some warm, filtered water and a little chamomile flower, licorice root and fennel seed can relax the bowel and allow it to void large amounts of uncomfortable gas.

Colonic Hydrotherapy has its supporters and its critics, and has always attracted controversy. However, we are most definitely seeing a renaissance in colonic hydrotherapy with more and more GP’s and Consultants referring their patients for the treatment.